Marketing of technical equipment, consumer electronics, musical instruments and watches
KDL tasks

  • Consulting
  • Analysis, planning and layout of a pick-by-light system for watches at the Hamburg location
  • Data analysis, especially with respect to item structure and development, incoming goods and order structure analysis
  • Planning of a pick-by-light system for quick and safe picking of watches; dimensioning of the system incl. connection to packing dept.
  • Process description of incoming goods, replenishment from rack system in pick-by-light system, picking, packing
  • Interface integration in existing CASIO DP environment
  • Soliciting of quotations, price comparisons, ROI analysis, decision paper for management
Information about the system environment

  • Doubling of picking orders to 850 orders per day
  • Tripling of order items to 8,000 orders per day
  • Quadrupling of no. of pieces to 27,500 watches per day
  • 64 running meter P-b-L case pick flow rack for 550 A-items and B-items
  • 24 running meter P-b-L shelves for 400 C-items
  • Storage from the back via radio data transmission
  • Simple connecting conveyor technology including connection to packing area