Image Sector
Storage, sorting and selling of fruit – mainly apples.

KDL tasks

  • Planning of an automated high-bay warehouse for apples in the existing buildings
  • Analysis of the flows of goods within the company
  • Determination of required capacities
  • Preparation of a reliable target concept for high rack and conveyor technology
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Conducting the tender process for a fully automated high-bay warehouse incl. connection of conveyor technology to existing sorter and optionally the packing system
  • Coordination and holding of discussions with individual bidders
  • Preparation of interface conditions
  • Final contract negotiations
  • Preparation of decision-making process and granting of order

Information about the system environment

  • Storage capacity for approx. 16,500 large wooden boxes
  • HBW area approx. 75 x 25 meters
  • 6 aisles
  • Connecting conveyor technology
  • Integration and installation of high rack and conveyor technology in existing buildings