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Trade with consumer products such as analog and digital cameras, voice products and binoculars as well as medial technology, especially endoscopes and microscopes.KDL task

  • Consulting project over a period of 5 years

Phase 1
  • Question:
    Does it make sense to distribute the complete OLYMPUS product portfolio for Europe from a central location directly to the end customer? If so, from where?
  • Proceeding:
    Analysis of the existing order structure
Forecast simulation for the next 5 years in consideration of a doubling of net sales in the field of digital photography
  • Results:
    With respect to warehouse rent and personnel costs “central” and “de-central” solution are neutral. The actual saving potential results from a reduction of the overall inventory by more than 50 %. Under the given conditions Hamburg was chosen as location for the new OECD (OLYMPUS EUROPE DISTRIBUTION CENTER).

Phase 2:

  • Rough planning for OEDC
  • In this phase three potential variants for the new OEDC were discussed and validated:
  • Building of a new warehouse (green field strategy)
    refused due to project period of two to 2,5 years
  • Outsourcing to logistics service provider
    refused due to high dependence on service provider
  • Preferred and realized solution:
    Renting of a warehouse available in Hamburg and adaptation to the OLYMPUS requirements via various construction measures

Phase 3:

  • Redesign and reconstruction of the rented warehouse according to OLYMPUS’ requirements
  • extension and use of the existing container conveyor technology including connection to material flow computer system
  • Installation of a radio data transmission system for stacking and picking personnel
  • Dismounting of an Automatic Miniload Warehouse system with three stacker cranes available at another OLYMPUS location; extension of the warehouse capacity and modification of incoming goods and picking area (consolidation by light)
  • Installation of an automatic container buffer warehouse for consolidation of orders

Information about the system environment

  • Total warehouse area: 27,000 sqm.
  • Incoming/outgoing goods fates 4/6
  • Pallet high rack (radio data transmission): 25,500 locators
  • Automatic Miniload Warehouse System with three stacker cranes: 880 sqm. / 26,000 locators, double deep
  • Container buffer warehouse: 1,900 locators
  • Packing area: approx. 30 packing stations, approx. 10 dispatch lanes
  • Complex connecting conveyor technology incl. connection to packing area