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Shipping company owners, logistic service providers and forwarders
  • Storage and distribution of PANASONIC products (consumer electronics) in Italy
  • Storage and distribution of WalCor products /chocolate) in Italy
  • Storage and distribution of CONFORAMA products (furniture) in Italy

KDL tasks

Realization of three independent warehouse management and control systems that differ with respect to their requirements to manage storage and distribution of the clients of SCERNI LOGISTICS mentioned aboveClient PANASONIC
  • Project phase 1:
    Move from a warehouse in Milan to a warehouse in Lacchiarella
  • Project phase 2:
    Creating of further capacities incl. separate handling in a field warehouse in Oleggio
  • Project phase 3:
    Planning of the move of all PANASONIC products from the Lacchiarelly warehouse to a warehouse in Piacenza

General processes

  • Incoming goods from the gate into block for single items, mixed block, pallet rack and shelf system for partial pallets and small parts
  • Outgoing goods from complete pallets from block and shelf
  • Replenishment of complete pallets from block and shelf into the dynamically managed package picking zone, replenishment of original packages from the package picking zone in the are of the partial pallet picking
  • Installation of a fork lift control system incl. track optimization and control of priorities as well as a priority-controlled systems for “paperless” picking with mobile radio data transmission terminals
  • 100% outgoing goods inspection on package basis and 100 % loading control for complete pallets via scan processes
  • Recording of device serial numbers, where required
  • Integration of a complete system in the existing Scerni Logistics / PANASONIC DP World (SAP)

Client WalCore Chocolate

Establishing of a complete warehouse management system for WalCor Chocolate in PiacenzaGeneral processes
  • Simple warehouse management system, mainly block storage, with the functions goods receipt, storage, removal of complete pallets and picking
  • Handling of all physical movements on paper basis by means of storage and removal papers and pick lists, no use of radio data transmission


Establishing of a complete warehouse management system for CONFORAMA at PiacenzaGeneral processes
  • Processes similar to those of PANASONIC, but some additional aspects such as tour plan, order splitting to several trucks and other special aspects with respect to the furniture industry had to be considered
  • Interface to a CONFORAMA in-house inventory management system

Information about the system environment

  • Move of the warehouse from Lacchiarella to Piacenza
  • Change from narrow aisle to wide aisle system
  • Change of picking strategy from changing places in the narrow aisle warehouse to picking zone in the wide aisle warehouse with dynamically structured picking places, triggered via the customer order structure
  • Use of approx. 25 radio data transmission terminals, firmly mounted on stackers and 10 radio data transmission handheld units
  • 20,000 sqm. storage space, approx. 12,500 pallet places

WalCore Chocolate

  • Simple space storage
  • No radio data transmission
  • 5,000 sqm. storage space


  • Analog to PANASONIC
  • approx. 35 radio data transmission terminals, 10 handheld units
  • 35,000 sqm. storage space, approx. 32,500 pallet places