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KDL tasks:
  • Consulting
  • Analysis, planning and preparation of a concept for internal transports and material storage
  • Comparison of transport system without drivers, fork lift control system and automated storage with one aisle based on the transports that actually took place in the areas, incoming goods, delivery to machine, pick-up from machine, removal and dispatch
  • Elaboration of the interface conditions of a potentially subordinate system to SAP for handling of internal transports
  • Schematic illustration of all processes in detail

Information about the system environment

  • Warehouse with 450 pallet places
  • Storage of raw materials, packing materials and empties
  • Transport concept with:
    • 11 delivery points for production
    • 3 buffer areas for production
    • 1 internal warehouse
    • 1 quality area
    • 2 delivery points for finished products
    • 1 delivery point for handover to internal customer
    • 1 connection to conveyor technology for customer empties