HLI Hamburger Logistik Institut GmbH

HLI Hamburger Logistik Institut (HLI) finds its competitive advantage in the form of research and consulting in the field of logistics/supply chain management. HLI combines the best out of research and consulting for its customers in order to bring out an innovative concept that can be practically implemented. HLI bridges the gap between research and consulting by acting as a neutral partner between the technical and logistical partners of a supply chain.HLI’s own AutoID (specialized on RFID-UHF – Radio Frequency Identification) research lab supports the smooth integration of research concepts into practical applications. HLI – Laboratory forms a focal point for all stake holders involved in the deployment of AutoID in supply chains, by deriving standard methods when introducing AutoID in supply chains. A special attention is given to the implementation of RFID- and/or Barcode-Systems in small and medium-sized enterprises to realize efficiency gains.

HLI promotes innovation under the motto:

  • Analyze - Understand the current process and identify the points eligible for potential improvements using modern analytical methods.
  • Optimize - Optimierung der Prozesse in maßgeschneiderten Test- und Anwendungsszenarien.
  • Realize - Realize and implement the obtained results in the practical environment.