Do you want to set up a warehouse in the simplest/easiest way possible?
It would be best if you could see the warehouse unit, as you are setting it up?
If you could just, let’s say, draw your warehouse right in front of you?

Whether you want to create a wide range of storage areas or design elements such as walls, gates, loading/unloading areas, grassed areas, etc.
With the KDL WOS Module this task is done quickly and reliably. Only a few mouse clicks are needed to transfer an already existing draft into the WOS-system, while simultaneously generating the storage locations in the correct physical arrangement and dimensioning in relation to the Overview of warehouse storage locations. The only requirement is an applicable measurement of the Warehouse itself.
And the most wonderful thing about this is that the route optimization for data transmissions was created automatically as well!

Lagergenerierung1   Lagervisualisierung Wetter2