Capacities, routes, costs, time – to identify the best carrier is difficult. Too many factors have to be taken into account. The KDL carrier module makes it easy for you. And when you integrate the module into our Warehouse Operating System it can do even more.

The carrier module offers extensive options to assign orders, delivery notes and shipments consistently to the best suitable carriers. The assignment can be made manually by a staff member in the control center or via the host system already when entering the order / delivery note. In particular, there is the option to assign the carrier, carrier code and relation automatically. The carrier is determined based on comprehensive configuration tables that take into account the country, the post code, weight, number of packages and other criteria. Thus it is always ensured that the optimal carrier is used.

Your most important benefits
  • Automatic selection of the optimum carrier
  • Automatic selection of the best / most efficient shipping method
  • Order picking on carrier level
  • Printing of carrier-related shipping labels
  • Transfer of the shipping data to the carrier (EDI)
  • Error control during palletizing and loading

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