Warehouses and their intra-logistic systems change continuously. With new projects all contingencies have to be taken into account before the actual start. This is ensured by the highly efficient KDL emulation instrument testing different warehouse processes – without big investments.

We ensure that the system we implement is on track right from the start. Hence, with this emulation or simulation we are able to test the warehouse management processes before the final system is available. Moreover, by emulating different components such as pick by light (PbL), radio terminals, conveyor technology messages we are able to depict processes without having to connect directly to an external supplier.

Potential applications of the emulation
  • For the new introduction of a pick by light system instead of other picking systems we provide our software emulation of a pick by light terminal.
  • For training of forklift truck drivers or pickers we provide our software emulation of a radio terminal.
  • For new systems or changes in the area of conveyor technology dialogues, conveyor technology processes such as assigning of pallets, containers, cardboard boxes, etc. are emulated so that the dialogue can be tested.
    Conveyor technology hardware is not required.

Visualiserung eines Lagers mit Datenfunkeinsatz