The KDL forklift control system is a logistics system that controls the use of industrial trucks, especially forklift trucks. The system places the orders and routes specified for these orders in an optimal way thus preventing unproductive empty runs and search runs. The right use of a forklift control system optimizes the capacity utilization of the forklift trucks and increases their effectivity. A forklift truck control system includes a central control unit as well as mobile terminals for the trucks that are usually connected via radio. It can be part of a warehouse operating system or an independent system connected to the latter.

Forklift control system by KDL: Integrated flexibility
The system is suitable for both smaller companies with only a few trucks / employees and medium-sized and big warehouses with several halls and more than 100 forklift trucks. Thanks to its extensive configuration options and the many benefits of an online system the KDL forklift truck system is extremely flexible and can be adapted optimally to the respective situation at the customer. If required, the system adapts to already existing processes and completes them optimally. Moreover it can be easily extended by other technologies such as pick by light, consolidate by light or pick by voice. The customer is almost entirely free to define and choose the hardware because for KDL it is not only the software that counts but also the hardware to enable our customers to work with the best possible solution.

Benefits of the KLD forklift truck control system

  • Optimum integration into existing systems due to flexible interfaces and user-defined fields of use.
  • Highly efficient control based on priorities and route optimization.
  • Direct online booking of all activities executed for perfect transparency and avoiding of separate bookings.
  • Easy to extend by new technologies and features.
  • Excellent configuration capabilities and thus easy adaptation of the dialogues.
  • To be used both in the warehouse and in open space.
  • Highest possible configurability of the tasks of individual forklift trucks.


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