Time is the most precious commodity for logistics professionals – and always scarce. Costs for warehousing and transport rise continuously. We counter this: KDL has developed a comprehensive hub system for the warehouse operating system in order to rationalize picking and loading processes ad hoc and to efficiently use precious cargo hold.

The hub system module enables feeding delivery data provided by a dispatch warehouse into a hub module. This data is then processed such that it shows the goods as “quasi picked”. The “picked” goods can now be run through the system as existing unit or even consolidated into new loading units with the goods ready for loading in the hub warehouse. A final inspection and loading control with subsequent EDI is being prepared.

Your most important benefits:
  • Freight optimization due to consolidated withdrawal on article basis for the line haul route
  • Automated data exchange and streamlined receipt of goods
  • Consolidation of orders in final inspection at carrier level or relation
  • Potential consolidation of goods from different delivery warehouses to the final delivery address
  • Printing of carrier-related shipping labels
  • Transfer of shipping data to the carrier (EDI)
  • Error control during palletizing and loading

Hub Kaskade EN 1217