It goes without saying that KDL offers interfaces to other systems. And this is how interfaces should work – smoothly. Without you noticing it. Whether it is communication with one or several ERP or host systems or with subordinate control systems of e.g. automated high-bay warehouses, automated warehouses for small parts, conveyor technologies or other components. It simply has to run smoothly!

Interface technologies

While KDL offers standard interfaces for the most different pieces of information it is particularly important for us that the system can be adapted to any interface situation to offer our customers exactly the solution he needs. This includes both, the contents as well as the interfacing technology. Only in this way can a smooth and effective process be ensured.

Examples for interfacing technologies:
  • Exchange of text files
  • XML interfaces
  • Access to interfacing or operational tables of the host database
  • Release of interface table in the KDL WOS database
  • SAP IDOC transfer
  • Other solutions upon request

  KDL WOS Interfaces