The KDL material flow computer is used as subordinate system to already existing ERP, PPS or other warehouse operating systems. There it takes over the control and handling of the transports and processes. In this respect it is important that the KDL material flow computer always takes the overall situation in the warehouse – as far as known in the MFC – as a basis for the control and thus is able to make optimal decisions.

Partly, ERP or PPS systems offer solutions in that direction. However, often these systems only offer a limited scope since in this field it is not the core competence of the supplier. In contrast, warehouse operating systems or material flow control systems have a clearly higher scope, but often it is the optimal overall integration that is lacking.

What KDL offers
KDL provides you with the flexibility you require. Together with you we take a look into the specific situation and define an optimal solution. In doing so we adapt the scope of the KDL WOS MFC flexibly to your demands, the demands of your host system(s) and the respective subordinated solutions required.