• Do you want to use a standard software in the area of warehouse operation and at the same time create customized and dynamic processes?
  • Do you want to ensure that your staff is well informed about all specifics of the current order at all stations any time?
  • Is it important for you that different process stages are integrated automatically in the handling of orders?

Then KDL WOS with its passive and active instructions offers the perfect solution for you. While the passive instructions have a more informative character for the staff, the active instructions allow the material flow to be adapted dynamically and real activities to be executed by the system in a safe manner.

Benefits of passive instructions
  • Display of test information at different work places
    • at work stations (e.g. planning, final inspection, packing room)
    • in radio (like HBR (high bay rack) pick, block pick, consolidation pick)
  • Transfer of information from the host via defined record types and numerical keys or manual entry in the warehouse.
    • shipping instructions
    • special handling instructions
    • delivery instructions
    • transfer information
    • article information
Benefits of active instructions

  • Required activities, e.g. activities depending on customers or articles are automatically integrated as processing step (e.g. loading and unloading towards requested customer pallet height, customized labels per article, etc.)
  • Offering options to generate production orders for production of e.g. set articles for inventory generation.
  • Generation of de-palletizing in case inventory is needed, e.g. in picking or in the small parts warehouse (AKL).
  • Special inspections of articles at special stations in the warehouse.
  • Execution of customized quality tests in the outgoing goods process.
The KDL WOS system structure enables implementing new requirements that can change processes dynamically in a short period of time thus realizing a safe, smooth and especially a customer-oriented warehouse process.

Use the option to create process as efficiently and customer-oriented as possible.

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