"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Different people experience situations in different ways. While some like handling figures and lists others do not like it at all. A new format is called for. Especially in the field of warehouse operating systems list views can most certainly be expected. For the staff this means again and again: Analyzing and interpreting what is provided by the system. In many cases this is a useful proceeding and should not be missing in any system.

Here, however, KDL goes one step further.

Much of the information in the system is displayed visually as well. This is done with simple graphics but also in complete visualizations of the warehouse. The key factor is: all graphics are interactive. This means that in each graphic it is possible to call up details and/or lists directly from the graphic or event to illustrate complete situations within the warehouse (e.g. the existing picking orders) in the warehouse layout. Thus KDL WOS provides the right tool for controlling the processes in the warehouse for any type of staff member.

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