• You want your IT to run smoothly and problems to be identified and solved early, if possible before they actually occur?
  • You do not want to completely rely on the cloud and feel better when your IT system is run in-house?
  • Your IT infrastructure has been growing continuously and you would like to use the experience of a professional IT team, but a full-time or part-time job position is still not being planned?
  • In your company critical software packages are running and in case of failure your job would be impossible to handle and you would like to be sure that there is someone who keeps an eye on it?
  • You are using KDL WOS (Warehouse Operating System) as a logistics tool and want to be sure that the conditions for a smooth operation of the system are already in place?

Then KDL Monitoring is what you are looking for!

Together with you our IT experts will develop the optimum concept. No matter whether you just want to be informed by email in case of a problem, or if you want KDL to call you or even initiate corrective measures. You define the scope and the period KDL is to take action. This can be different tasks from simple monitoring up to the full service package including hardware and network support. – anything is possible. In cooperation with your team our professionals will define the sensitive issues and aspects critical to the success of your company and will prepare a monitoring concept and plan measures adapted to your needs.

Examples for the effective utilization of KDL monitoring

  • Monitoring of servers
  • Monitoring of critical services
  • Monitoring of drives
  • Monitoring of virus scanners
  • Monitoring of critical operating system updates
  • Monitoring of print queues
  • Monitoring of the “environment“ (UPS, temperature, …)
  • Monitoring of printer statuses
  • Monitoring of access points
  • Monitoring of critical messages
  • Monitoring of backups
  • And much more...

Target groups

  • Small companies without in-house IT
  • Companies that urgently want to relieve the burden of their in-house IT department
  • All companies that want to keep their IT department running