Let there be light: Paperless pick by light

The basic idea of Pick by Light is to display the message to the warehouse staff directly at the shelf. In pick-by-light systems a light module with a numerical or alphanumerical display, at least one acknowledgement button as well as entry and correction buttons is located at each shelf compartment. If the picking container has reached the picking position the signal light at the respective storage compartments lights up and the picking quantity is indicated. The warehouse staff can clearly identify the compartment and the quantity to be picked. After withdrawal of the goods the staff presses the acknowledgement button – the light goes out. When pressing the acknowledgement button the change in inventory is reported to the warehouse operating system in real time. The information is recorded due to the direct connection, e.g. in our warehouse operating system KDL WOS.

Pick by light by KDL: Any requirement, any size, any warehouse!

Our pick by light systems are easy to operate, easy to integrate in all warehouse systems and inexpensive. The KDL pick by light systems can be used in a variety of applications independent of the business sector. The systems can be applied for picking of different articles ranging from small part picking to package picking up to picking of large volume articles.