The in-house developed KDL WOS (Warehouse Operating System) guides, controls and optimizes the processes in manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouses. The modular concept of KDL WOS makes it possible to adjust its functionalities to the individual requirements without changing the initial software. Due to its modern system architecture KDL WOS can be scaled to fit any preferences.

Also data transmission and conveyor technology, as well as RFID and track-and-trace systems can be integrated as subordinate systems. In addition, it is possible to separate individual components from KDL WOS, e.g. the radio control or the material flow control, as subordinate units to other warehousing systems.

A flexible user authorization system makes it possible to re-design the various access rights of users in such a way that each user can only use the controls relevant to his area of activity and responsibility. This allows for extensive organization and a targeted controlling as required.

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